Licensing FAQ

Why LGPL v3.0?

To protect myself.

Normally I'm very liberal with the usage of my code, I tend to prefer licensing under MIT or BSD or something. However, I have dedicated so much of my life to writing Simulant that the fear of someone coming along, packaging it up and selling it is too great.

But... why require patches under MIT and LGPL?

Because I want to be able to change my mind in future.

If I accept patches under LGPL, that means I have to get agreement from all contributors to change it later. If all patches are submitted under MIT, then that allows me to later re-licence the whole engine under MIT.

Doesn't LGPL limit what I can do?

Yes, probably. LGPL is a 'viral' license.

If you statically link to the Simulant library, then you must release the source code for your application under a compatible license. However, if you dynamically link to the Simulant library (and make no changes to it) then you're fine.

If you are writing a Dreamcast application, then this means you must release the source code as you will need to statically link the library.

But... I want to use Simulant for a Dreamcast game, but don't want to open-source it

That's cool, contact me, we can discuss it. But don't be suprised if I ask for moneyz if you're planning to sell for a profit :)